Cross-Country Skiing Holidays, Tours and Courses for 2017

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Cross-country skiing holiday in Norway

Starter Courses for Beginners

These courses are for those who have never skied before or, at best, have only skied on Alpine slopes and never tried cross-country. The emphasis is on the basic skills and techniques of classic (track) skiing, though the week will include a fair amount of ski touring.

Skills Courses for a better Cross-Country Ski Technique

Our Skills courses are aimed at skiers who have mastered the basics of track skiing and are now looking to improve different aspects of their technique. The week will include plenty of touring over interesting terrain, and will also include ski skating. These are our most popular courses, so please book early.

A Families' Week for all the Family

The week 12-19 February (Half-Term Week) is our Families' Week. The programme is especially designed for families and children. Children are grouped separately for instruction allowing adults to ski with their own instructor. However, families are then brought together for other activities later in the day.  These may include: 'on snow games', ski orienteering, dog sledding and tobogganing.

Our Telemark Skiing Course

Telemark skiing

We will be running another Beginners’ Telemark Course in 2017. This course, which will be based at the Wadahl Hotel, ( will utilise the alpine slopes at Gålå, and may also use the more demanding pistes at Kvitfjell or Hafjell.

As well as being an exhilarating discipline in its own right, telemarking is the key to getting the most out of back-country skiing. This course will equip you with the necessary skills to enjoy a new style of skiing that previously you may not have even contemplated. Good quality equipment is available to hire; a lift ticket, which is not included in the quoted price, will be required.

A Nordic Medley Ski Week

This is a week of variety for intermediate skiers (not beginners). It comprises two days Classic skiing, two days Skate skiing and two days Telemark skiing.

Classic Track Skiing

Two days of intensive coaching mixed with some challenging touring.

Skate Skiing

Two days of skate instruction aimed at improving balance, style and technique. For some clients this may be a starter course.


This is very much an introductory two days to this 'downhill' skill.

Things to Note

  1. A 'day' equates to our normal four hours instruction per day, allowing the remainder of the day for practice.
  2. All equipment can be hired within the resort.
  3. A two-day lift pass will be required for the Telemark phase. The price of this pass is not included in the price of the holiday.

A Taster LWE for the 'Not Sures'

If you have thought about cross-country skiing, but are not really convinced that it is for you, why not join our ‘taster’ long weekend.

Treat it as a break from the office (or whatever) without making a huge investment in terms of time or money. If you enjoy the experience you can always come back for the full course … if not, then nothing much lost. A total win-win!

Incidentally, most of our LWErs have come back, and some for another long weekend!