About Norway and Gålå/Wadahl


Dogsledding in Norway

Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Norwegians are justly proud of their homeland, making maximum use of its natural wilderness areas throughout the summer and winter. It is a country of only 4.5 million people inhabiting an area of 385,000 sq kms. Only 3% of this area is suitable for cultivation, though 25% of the country is covered in forest. From north to south it stretches for about 1752 kms and it has an amazing 2650 kms of coastline. Much of the country is north of the Arctic Circle and sees little daylight during the winter.

Cross-Country Track skiing near Lillehammer, Norway

Skiing has its roots in Norway and therefore, not surprisingly, most Norwegians spend much of the winter skiing in one form or another. The season can start as early as October and continue right through until the following May (or all the year round on some glaciers).

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View from top of Ski jump near Lillehammer, Norway

One of the best ski areas in Norway can be found around Lillehammer, where the 1994 Winter Olympic Games were held. It has a selection of outstanding winter sports facilities and boasts one of the best Cross-Country Skiing arenas in Europe. The Olympic Stadium has been updated and is the venue for major national and international biathlon events. It is a lively, attractive town with an international flavour and some excellent restaurants. The villages of Sjusøen and Nordseter, which are located above Lillehammer, provide accommodation for those wishing to utilise this ski area. Sjusøen now also boasts a modern biathlon facility which is used for World Cup events.

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Gålå /Wadahl

View Gålå /Wadahl, Norway

The village and ski resort of Gålå is located approximately one and a half hours drive north of Lillhammer, where it lies 933 meters above sea level and immediately above the Gudbrandsdal valley with stunning views of both the Rondane and Jotunheim National Parks. It offers activities for all ages and has an extensive network of Cross- Country Ski tracks as well as downhill slopes. In addition, it sits on the Peer Gynt Trail and is linked to Skeikampen and Fefor by well marked and well cut tracks. It is one of the oldest and most traditional Norwegian tourist areas. The Wadahl hotel in the village of Gålå is our base for the winter season. Gålå has a remarkably well stocked mini supermarket which can supply everything from foodstuffs to ski equipment. For those wishing to self-cater there are numerous chalets/cabins for hire, which are administered by Gålå Booking booking@Gålåbooking.no. There is an efficient taxi service linking Gålå with Vinstra station in the valley.